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Looking to store your summer or winter tires?

Visit The Tire Warehouse to take advantage of our competitively priced tire storage services. We have four locations throughout Edmonton, AB to meet the seasonal tire storage needs of drivers. We're not far from Saint Albert, AB or Sherwood Park, AB. Find your nearest location and take away the hassle of finding space.


It's important to swap tires when the seasons change in Alberta. In winter, your vehicle's handling relies heavily on the tires installed. Winter tires have been proven to beat all-season tires when the temperature drops below -10 Celsius. Store your summer, spring, and all-season tires with us when it's time to switch to snow tires.

Don't risk destroying your tire purchases by improperly storing them. At The Tire Warehouse, we'll ensure your seasonal tires are safely stored to last as long as possible.


We make sure every tire is:

  • Stored in a clean, cool, dark space.
  • Placed away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • Put on a surface that is free of grease, gasoline, or debris.

Exposing tires to moisture, direct heat, sunlight, or corrosive fluid over lengths of time causes tires to deteriorate. We take special care to make sure your summer tires or winter tires are secure while in our off-season tire storage facility.

Should I Change All 4 Tires?

Yes. Both Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada advise motorists to install four matching tires to increase vehicle handling. Your tires should share the same:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Speed Rating
  • Load index

In winter, this is especially important when icy roads threaten to make tires slip and vehicles slide. For this season, you should look for winter tires that meet the snow tire standards (indicated by a mountain peak with a snowflake). Since you won't need to worry about proper tire storage or space with The Tire Warehouse, we highly recommend installing four winter tires or spring tires.

Our locations are spacious with abundant room to protect your summer and winter tires when they aren't in use. Call, visit, or contact us online today to speak with us about our tire storage solutions.

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